Invitation: C-"K Point Music Award" & Call for Judges

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Supported by Liaoning People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Hungary Embassy in China and European Union Chamber Shenyang Chapter, hosted by?Beijing Hungary Cultural Center and Silk Road Youth International Cultural and Art Exchange Center, and sponsored by Bank of China Liaoning Branch, Shenyang K11 Shopping Art Center and National Geographic Explorer Center, The "K Point Music Award" - China Hungarian Folk Song Competition for Liaoning Province Junior Children in 2018 was officially launched in Shenyang, Liaoning Province on August 26. As a sub-project of China (Liaoning) - Hungary Friendship Week in 2018, the "K Point Music Award" is the first to introduce Hungarian music educator Kodai's educational concept of "natural singing" in China. It takes the most natural musical instrument of mankind - "oratorio" as the feature of the contest. The Award is open to?students under 16 years old. (?kindergarten,?primary school & middle school; chinese & foreign ).

辽宁省人民对外友好协会匈牙利驻华大使馆以及中国欧盟商会沈阳分会的共同支持下,由北京匈牙利文化中心丝绸之路青少年国际文化艺术交流中心联合主办,中国银行辽宁分行沈阳K11购物艺术中心国家地理探险家艺术中心赞助的“K Point音乐奖”—2018辽宁省少年儿童中国?匈牙利民谣歌唱比赛于8月26日在辽宁沈阳正式启动。“K Point音乐奖”作为“2018中国(辽宁)?匈牙利友好周”青少年的子项目,首次引进了匈牙利音乐教育家珂达伊“自然歌唱”的教育理念。以人类最自然的乐器“清唱”作为大赛特点,这一音乐赛事将面向所有辽宁省16岁以下中小学、幼儿园适龄少年儿童(含外籍)。?

“Let music belongs to everyone! Children participating in Liaoning Province Children's China Hungary Folk Song Competition can enter the world of Chinese and Hungarian folk songs. Let music come into our hearts, thus, become a part of our lives”

?----Address by Dr. Szonja, cultural and educational counselor of the Hungarian Embassy in China



Tenet of Competition?

Singing Chinese and Hungarian folk songs to convey the friendship between China and Hungary




Preliminaries ? ?2018.08.26 -2018.09.13

Rematch ? ? ? ? ?2018.10.01-2018.10.05?

Pre-final ? ? ? ? ? 2018.10.13-2018.10.14?

Finals ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 2018.10.20-2018.10.31?

Note: The specific competition schedule shall be based on the information published after the deadline for registration. The specific time and place of award presentation and exhibition will be notified separately.


初??赛 ? ? ? 2018年08月26日-2018年09月13日

复??赛 ? ? ? 2018年10月01日-2018年10月05日

决??赛 ? ? ? 2018年10月13日-2018年10月14日

总决赛 ? ? 2018年10月20日-2018年10月31日


Place of Competition?

Shenyang K11 shopping Art Center



Group setting?

A Preschool

B1 Primary school (First-third grade)?

B2 Primary school (Forth-sixth grade)?

C Junior Middle school?






Enrolment Conditions

For children under 16 years of age in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Liaoning province (including foreign nationality)



Tracks requirements?

1. Preliminaries:??????????

??(1) Choose to sing one Chinese folk song or Hungarian folk song.?????????

???(2) Recording video, no more than 1 minute and 30 seconds, uploaded to the official mailbox of the competition? name: 'Group + Name + School + Song Name');????????????

2. Rematch:??????????

??(1) Choose to sing one Chinese folk song or Hungarian folk song.??????????

??(2) Singing time is less than 2 minutes.????????????

3. Pre-final:???????????

?(1) Choose to sing one Chinese folk song or Hungarian folk song.??????????

?(2) Singing time is less than 2 minutes.????????????

4. Finals:??????????

?(1) One Chinese folk songs and one Hungarian folk songs (You can bring your accompaniment).???????????

?(2) Two songs are sung for less than 4 minutes.??????????

?(3) Requirement: singing songs should not be the same as the preliminaries, rematch and pre-final.?????????


?1. Ballads (including folk songs, nursery rhymes, nursery rhymes);???????????

?2. Ten Hungarian ballads and Chinese ballads are recommended by the Organizing Committee. Please refer to the track of the competition.




(2)录制视频,时长不超过1分30秒,上传至大赛官方邮箱 (文件命名:“组别+姓名+学校+歌曲名称”);













Grading standard?(percentage system)

1. intonation and rhythm: 50 points

2. vocalization and articulation: 20 points

3. emotional expressiveness: 20 points

4. meter, appearance: 10 points






Expert review

The jury is composed of tutors from Beijing Hungarian Cultural Center, Kodai College of Liszt Conservatory of Music, Hungary, and well-known artists and educators in China.




1. Four groups were set up: K Point Music Award, gold medal, silver award, bronze medal and Excellence Award.

2. Special set up: Angel Singing Award (for disabled children), folk song original prize, excellent teacher award.

3. other performance awards:???????????

?(1) Awards and performances: After the finals of the "K Point Music Award", award concerts and performances will be held, and outstanding winners will be invited to attend concerts and performances.???????????

?(2) Visiting Hungary: The Organizing Committee of the "K Point Music Award" will select outstanding representatives among the winners and take part in the visit to Hungary (winter vacation) to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Hungary in 2019.???????????

?(3) Master Class: The award-winning athletes and excellent instructors will be invited to attend the Master Class on "Codayi Music Teaching Method" held by the organizers in Hungary and China.???????????

?(4) International Cultural and Art Exchange Events: The winners of the competition will be qualified to participate in Hungary International Art Competition and the International Cultural and Art Exchange Events of Central and Eastern European Countries on behalf of young people from Liaoning Province.


1.四个组别分别设立:K Point音乐奖、金奖、银奖、铜奖、优秀奖;



(1)颁奖及展演:“K Point音乐奖”总决赛后,将举办音乐会的颁奖及展演,届时将邀请优秀获奖选手参加。

(2)出访匈牙利: “K Point音乐奖”赛事组委会将在获奖者中选出优秀代表,参加2019年纪念中匈建交70周年赴匈牙利访问活动(寒假)。



Supplementary articles

1. Competitors shall agree to grant free exclusive permission to the organizers of the competition to authorize the co-sponsors, supporters and art sponsors of the competition, the radio, television and network media responsible for the propaganda of the competition, as well as photography, audio and video recordings, and the information network. Dissemination and the production of audio-visual albums and albums related to the event; the copyright of derivatives such as audio-visual products resulting therefrom shall be owned by the sponsor and shall not be paid to the competitors.?

2. "K Point Music Award" - the Organizing Committee of the 2008 Liaoning Province Children's China Hungary Folk Song Competition, suggested that the contestants should buy the corresponding personal and property damage insurance on their own. The organizing committee will cause any loss of property and personal injury to the contestants, and any personal, material and spiritual damage to others. No person shall be liable for personal, material or spiritual damage caused by the same person himself or to another person.

3. It is the responsibility of each participant to abide by the rules and regulations of the competition. Applicants are deemed to agree to all the contents of the rules and to promise to abide by them. Otherwise, they are deemed to give up the competition. Competitors who are found to have violated the relevant provisions of the rules and regulations during the competition will be disqualified from participating in the competition and be awarded a prize. The award certificate will be recovered. All fees will be paid by the Illegal competitors take their own responsibility.???????

4. In case of force majeure, the organizing committee will not bear any responsibility for the failure of the competition.

5. "K Point Music Award" - The Organizing Committee of the 2008 Liaoning Province Children's China Hungary Folk Song Competition enjoys the final right to interpret the Constitution. If there are any problems not stipulated in the Constitution, the final solution will be based on the opinions of the Organizing Committee.



2.“K Point音乐奖”—2018辽宁省少年儿童中国?匈牙利民谣歌唱比赛组委会郑重建议参赛选手自行购买相应的人身及财产损害保险。组委会对参赛选手产生的任何财产遗失及人身损害;对他人造成的任何人身、物质及精神上的损害;陪同人员自身或给他人所造成的任何人身、物质及精神上的损害均不承担责任。



5.“K Point音乐奖”—2018辽宁省少年儿童中国?匈牙利民谣歌唱比赛组委会对本章程享有最终解释权,如发生本章程中没有规定的情况,最终解决方案将以组委会意见为准。

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